3 Creative Email Marketing Tips for Service Businesses

email marketing tips for service based businesses
Kick that open rate up a notch or two with highly relevant, highly engaging content.

If you’ve ever run an email campaign, you know that the name of the game is attention and engagement. But that can be difficult to achieve when everybody and their mother (literally) is flooding your customers with emails on a daily basis.

So what can you do to stand out?

A Delicate Balance

When it comes to emailing your prospects and your customers, you need to be careful to manage what you’re sending, how often, and when. Nobody likes a spammer.

But you’ve got something to say. Perhaps you’re launching a special offer. You need leads for your small business.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Generally speaking there are a few “rules of the road” when it comes to email marketing you should be aware of before we get started:

  • Try not to send more than 1-2 emails per month
  • Every email needs contain an “Unsubscribe” link
  • Keep your subject lines short and catchy
  • Try and avoid competing (multiple) calls-to-action

With those in mind, let’s share a few creative ideas we think could really make a difference when it comes to lead generation.

3 Creative Email Marketing Tips for Service Businesses

  1. Press the FOMO Button with a Limited-Time Offer
  2. Take Personalization to the Next Level
  3. Increase Open Rates with Emojis 🎉
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1. Press the FOMO Button with a Limited-Time Offer

We all know scarcity sells. By creating a limited time offer, especially for low-friction requests such as up-sells or warranty purchases, you can drive more of your customers (and prospects) to action.

Scenario: The Landscaper

Let’s say you’re the owner of a landscaping business and you’re trying to increase the order value of your typical customer. In addition to lawn maintenance, you notice that your customers aren’t taking advantage of your pressure washing add-on services.

Email Subject: 20% Off Power Washing (Deal Ends Tomorrow)!

This heading, paired with a low friction call-to-action inside of the email (e.g. “Click here to claim your coupon!”), is sure to see some activity.

2. Take Personalization to the Next Level

Hello First Name…

Have you ever gotten that one? Ouch, right?

Too often, small business owners and marketers fail to take advantage of their powerful CRMs and email software by relying on overly simplistic personalization tokens like {[First Name}} to try and reassure their recipients, “Hey, we’re friends, right?”

And while most are on the right track with email personalization in general, this tactic can be so much more powerful when taken just a bit further.

Scenario: Home Cleaning Service

You manage a local home cleaning service, and you’re after repeat business for those customers who aren’t on a weekly service plan.

Email Subject: {{FirstName}}, we’ll be in your area next week!

By using a bit of personalization in your email subject line, you pique interest. Then when they open your email, this is where we take it to the next level.

“Hey {{FirstName}},

This is a courtesy email to let you know our team will be in {{City Name}} next week and wanted to see if you wanted to reserve an appointment time before we’re booked up!”

Neat, huh?

2. Increase Open Rates with Emojis 🎉

Ok, I know this one seems… like a stretch. But don’t just take our word for it.

According to this article by Campaign Monitor, some companies were able to increase open rates by upwards of +56% by simply using emojis in subject lines!

Scenario: Residential Plumber

If you’re a plumber, you know that you’re going to see a whole lot more value out of installing brand new fixtures than you will fixing the occasional leaky sink.

Let’s say you have a new line of highly efficient toilets you’re interested in promoting with a select few customers. Your email subject line could look something like this:

Email Subject: Don’t Flush Savings Down the 🚽

By adding a visual cue to reinforce your message helps your message stand out in your recipients inbox and draws the eye, and—if you’re lucky—might just create a smile. 🙂

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Improving Communication with Your Customers

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. As you can see in the examples above, with a bit of time, strategy, and just a touch of creativity you can turn those emails into something your customers look forward to receiving!

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